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From heating and lighting, to spray foam insulation, to windows and doors, we offer a variety of shipping container modifications for your purchased BigSteelBox.

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Shipping container modifications, heated and lit storage unit

Heated & Lit Storage Containers

When you need to store temperature-sensitive equipment and supplies in cold climates, a few modifications to a steel storage container can make all the difference.

By adding light and heat, as well as a man door, the space becomes more functional without sacrificing the renowned durability and portability of a shipping container.

Whether you need a tool crib solution, a portable locker room, or a place to keep your supplies warm and dry, a heated storage container will help keep your gear protected and organized.

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Shipping container with spray foam insulation - BigSteelBox

Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating a BigSteelBox using spray foam is the best way to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture issues inside your storage unit.

While it’s rare, there is potential for condensation inside a container if items being stored inside are damp, or if moisture gets inside during access or loading.

If you’re storing or shipping products that need to be kept dry and at a stable temperature, insulating the ceiling and walls will minimizes the impact.

We can add spray foam to the ceiling, or ceiling and walls of purchased new or used BigSteelBoxes of any size.

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BigSteelBox 20-foot shipping container site office

Doors and Windows

If you’re looking to purchase a storage container with the added bonus of doors and windows, we’ve got you covered.

The windows and doors we install on your BigSteelBox will be tough and stylish! Adding a door will allow easy access to your container and windows will let some light in, yet they are built strong enough to protect your stored goods.

We’re committed to making your experience as effortless as possible. Our stores are backed by a Canadian call center support team, so you can always get your needs and questions addressed quickly. And if there’s ever a problem, we’ll fix it.

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